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Them DJ moves

Wow! So much discussion on the world wide web about the videoclip where you see Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki messing around (or the lack of messing around) behind the decks. I myself found the video hilarious for one main thing: the text comments. “Don’t mind me guys, just touching this knob”. It just exaggerates what you already see in the video.

Apparently a lot of people were surprised by these DJ moves, but common don’t we all found ourselfs doing simular things when messing about behind the decks? Doing useless knob twisting, using a filter that doesn’t seem to do sh*t and so on?

Of course we are talking about bedroom dj’s as myself in this case, so why are professional dj’s like Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki doing this? The answer is simple: the commercial crowd wants it. They want the DJ’s to act like fools in my opinion. They want to be entertained but not on a technical level. When I go to parties I listen carefully to every track transistion the dj makes and think to myself was this ok, or could he have done this better? I like to do this, it helps me in my personal growing as a DJ. But almost none of the commercial crowd people think that same way. They want to hear a drop, want to see a cake fly through the air, want to watch people jump up and down, want to see a DJ wave his arms around and preferably all at the same time.

In the end guys like me might sound boring and sound like nags. But hey, I’m fine the way I enjoy the music at a venue, the people in the commercial crowd probably enjoy it and in the end also the DJ’s like Steve Aoki seem to enjoy it. It’s fine, it’s all good, enjoy it your way, I’ll enjoy it my way.

And I do believe, that behind every arm waving, cake throwing DJ there is a skilled person who worked hard to get where he is. Let’s just hope they not get lost in that “glam-rock” hype.



I might be too strong out on compliments
Overdose on confidence
Started not to give a fuck and stopped fearing the consequence


Left0 x Boiler Room

Boiler Room is coming to Belgium for the first time ever! The session will be hosted in the living room from no other then the brilliant Left0. I’m a huge fanboy of this guy and his weekly mixes on Studio Brussel are always filled with quality music within a huge diversity of genres, a weekly “must listen” in my opinion. I think Boiler Room made a good call working with Left0 for this one, his amazing set earlier this month in London probably had something to do with it (check the youtube vid!). A long with Left0 also Renaat Vandepapeliere will join the decks in Lefto’s living room. He’s best known for his legendary label “R&S label” which brought forth many many many great releases and artists.


Here we go again

More than a year ago it was since I last “touched” this blog. I always told myself I just don’t have the time for it, but I think it was more like “I don’t want to put effort in it anymore” because I kind of lost feeling with the music I was bloggin about.

This blog started as an electronic music blog trying to be as fast as possbile with all the new content, and I pretty much kept it that way. I think that’s where it went wrong. I started listening more to rock,hip-hop,experimental and other stuff that period (even much more as “dance” music) and didn’t relate it with GetHypedOnThis (or what I had in mind for this website).

The last few days/weeks I felt tthe urge again to absorb anything music related, I’m constantly looking for new and fresh stuff in practicaly any genre (of which I like of course), so I said to myself why don’t I tweet about that new hip-hop track? Or why don’t I post that new rock videoclip on the facebook page? Because it isn’t “GetHypedOnThis”-worthy? WRONG, I was so stupidly wrong.

From now on GetHypedOnThis will be all about how experience music these days, going from electronic dance music to hip-hop to alternative rock to …. I hope to bring a much more personal blog that will hopefully hype you as much as it used to do.

Peace out,