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Fidget House mixtapes

“It has a 4/4 beat and a cut-up, glitch style which contrasts other dance genres such as progressive house and trance. The way in which it differs from other house music styles is that it usually discards the solo drum beat introduction, thus encouraging a more cut-up rather than blend mixing style amongst DJs. Other common elements of fidget house include vocal sample snippets and a prominent bassline which often bends in pitch, rather than progressing by the semitone.”

Foamo summermixtape

01. Radioclit – Secousse (Crookers remix)
02. The Yank – We cant be stop’d
03. Bodysnatchers – Call me (Lee mortimer remix)
04. Jakz – Son of loop da loop
05. Estaw – Break it Down (Herve remix)
06. Rico Tubbs – Gangsters
07. Foamo – 930 530
08. Rye Rye – wussup (Crookers remix)
09. Jakz & Scott Cooper – Move ur boot
10. Fake Blood – Mars
11. Underworld – Ring Road (Fake Blood remix)
12. Leon Jean Marie – Bring it On (Jack Beats remix)
13. Primary 1 – Hold me Down (Foamo remix)
14. Stuffa – Pretty Girls (Sinden remix)
15. Detboi – Y’all want mo
16. Machines dont care – Soundboy massive
17. Foamo – Everything cool
18. Does it offend you, yeah? – epic last song (Jack Beats remix)
19. Kid Cudi – Day and Night (Crookers remix)
20. Ryan Riback – Boom (Lee Mortimer remix)
21. Foamo – Moving it over Here (JFK MSTRKRFT edit)
22. Jokers of the Scene – Y’all know the Name
23. Foamo – Rockerman

Lee Mortimer – September mix

1. Aniki – House Music [Wearhouse Music]
2. Zinc & Dave Spoon – Ghost Train (Lee Mortimer Remix) [Televizion]
3. Detboi & Foamo – Girls Dem Go [Cheap Thrills]
4. Lee Mortimer – Come On [CDR]
5. Another State – Amnesia [Televizion]
6. Lee Mortimer – Moaning & Groaning [Dubsided]
7. Riva Starr – Squash [Made To Play]
8. Idiotproof – The Deacon (Duke Dumont Live From Brooklyn Remix) [Made To Play]
9. Bass Weazal – Kill The Fox [Wearhouse Music]
10. Jesse Rose and Action Man – Take it to the Club [Made To Play]
11. Moston & Malente – Do The Right Thing [Splank!]
12. Oliver Garcia – Sensation (HiJack Remix) [Brickhouse Records]
13. Wiley – Summertime (Bart B More Remix) [Asylum]
14. Daft Punk – Aerodynamic [Virgin]
15. SebastiAn – Momy [Ed Banger]
16. Evil Nine – They Live (Rogerseventytwo Remix) [Marine Parade]
17. Human Resource – Dominator (Jaimie Fanatic Remix) [Crux]
18. Tom EQ – Make Some Noise (Lee Mortimer Remix) [Wearhouse Music]
19. Crookers – Il Cattivo [Mad Decent]

Hijack September mix

01. Blaze – Do You Remember House (Solid Groove Accapella)
02. Dave Basek & Phil Smart – Smoke Yourself (Consistent Dub)
03. Twocker – Ruffneck (Riva Starr Remix)
04. Jesse Rose & Sinden – Me Mobile (Duckbeats Remix)
05. Oliver $ – Hot Flash Volume 3
06. Gutterpunk – Up 2 11 (The Yank Remix)
07. Hustle & Flow – Don’t Mess With Us (TJR Remix)
08. Liam Vizzle – That Banana Track (HiJack Remix)
09. Jak Z – Cutie Pie
10. Dope Freq’N’C – Kickin’ Da Funk (HiJack Remake)
11. Samim – The Lick (Derrick Carter Remix / HiJack Edit)
12. Modeler – Getts Down
13. Ruffcut – Fazzjunk
14. Southside – Jack (Natty Jack Remix)
15. Moston & Malente – Do The Right Thing (Clark Able Remix)
16. Dirka Dirka – Stretch Out
17. Blatta & Inesha – Blow Up (HiJack Remix)
18. Tommy Sunshine – Limit Of Your Mind (Nic Sarno Remix / HiJack Edit)
19. Tom EQ – Off Limits
20. Bart B More – Killing It
21. The Sound Republic – TSR Macromix (Jacob London Remix)
22. Duke Dumont – Feltham
23. Crookers – Unknown
24. Larry T – I Love U (The Bulgarian Remix)
25. Wongo – The Buff Up
26. Groove Allegiance – Ramp It Up (HiJack Remix)
27. Lee Mortimer – Moaning & Groaning
28. Rene Van Munster – Grasscourt Blues
29. Clark Able – Back In The Bronx (HiJack Remix)
30. Solid Groove vs. Brabe (HiJack Bootleg)


BNR Volume 1

The release of a Boys Noize Records compilation has been announced quite a time ago. But with the releasing comming closer, the 29th of september, Boys Noize records released a small medley with the best tracks of the compilation, the medley was made by Strip Steve. Not only do I have the small medley, I also have the complete tracklist of the 2CD compilation! This 2CD compilation features the best of four years of BNR releases, a must have for all Boys Noize/electro lovers.

BNR VOLUME 1 medley by Strip Steve

Disc 1

1. Mein Neues Fahrrad (Boys Noize Edit) – Siriusmo
2. Poke – Shadow Dancer
3. The Geeks Were Right (Boys Noize VS D.I.M. Remix) – The Faint
4. Don’t Go – Puzique
5. Volta82 – Boys Noize
6. Dirty & Hard – Djedjotronic feat Spoek
7. Shadowbreaker (Boys Noize Mix No.1) – John Starlight
8. Dodo Electro – Les Petit Pilous
9. Ready Steady – Strip Steve
10. Is You – D.I.M.
11. We Need Cash – Housemeister
12. Cowbois (Das Glow Remix) – Shadow Dancer
13. Kill The Kid – Boys Noize
14. Out Of The Blue (D.I.M. Remix) – Darmstadt
15. Schwarzfahrer – Einzeller

Disc 2

1. Hello Again – Housemeister
2. Simple – Siriusmo
3. Thomas – Puzique
4. What is Natural – Shadow Dancer
5. Wake Up – Les Petits Pilous
6. Ready Or Not – CLP
7. Frau (Pandullo vs. Und Mix) – I Robots
8. Lava Lava (Feadz Aval Aval Remix) – Boys Noize
9. Is You (Brodinski Remix) – D.I.M.
10. Psychedelic Disco – Eastwest
11. Chemie – Puzique
12. Jolie Fille – Les Petit Pilous
13. You & I – Strip Steve
14. Sonne, Mond & Sterne – Housemeister
15. Last Dear – Siriusmo

And that’s not all for this post. I also uploaded a recent remix by Boys Noize from A-Trak’s “Say Whoa”. Just a little extra. I’m also expecting the release of a new Boys Noize remix soon. At the moment you can listen to a small preview of it on his myspace from the track Focker by Late of the Pier , a remix to keep your eye on and which will also be posted as soon a full length is being released! But until then ….

A-Trak – Say Whoa (Boys Noize remix)


MSTRKRFT – Bounce (Felix Cartal remix)

Earlier this week Felix Cartal uploaded his newest remix from MSTRKRFT – Bounce for free download. And because I notest a lot of our visitors are big MSTRKRFT fans (based on the number of downloads on the MSTRKRFT tracks), I thought it wouldn’t be more then fair to post a download link for this one. About the track itself, I’d have to say , I’ve heard better stuff from Felix Cartal. Especially the intro is a bit lame, cheap I would say. But … once passed the intro it goes a level higher, very high sounds with a short deep beat and ofcourse the catchy lyrics from the original. Anyway judge for yourself, ALL I DO IS PARTY!

MSTRKRFT – Bounce (Felix Cartal remix)



Hmmm, it’s time to get me posting again. The first week of school absorbed quite a lot of time which kept me from blogging. But I’m about to make it up to all our thrusty visitors, so I present a new Track-Mania with some hyped up tracks. For this Track-Mania I actually focused on the just released CD from Dr. Lektroluv , Live at pukkelpop 2008. Because this still isn’t a warez forum/blog or whatever I selected some tracks from the set, instead of posting the ripped CD. Here are some of my favourites of Lektroluv’s newest set.

Lektroluv’s set starts of rather “hard” but that’s what we like and what we maybe didn’t expect from the docter himself. A lot of new tracks for me and very fidget? sounding, if you’d ask me. So first of, one of my favourite tracks on the set.
Machines Don’t Care – Beat Bang

Then of to another fidget like track by one of my favourite producers of the moment, The Count of Monte Cristal aka Hervé. Very addictive sound with some nice vocal/slower samles to keep it a alive.
The Count of Monte Cristal – My Condition (Original Mix)

Of to an artist I never heard of before, but isn’t sounding bad at all. It fits right in to the typical style and track choice we expect from Dr. Lektroluv.
Hatiras And Jelo – Donkey Punch (Original Mix)

Now back to a more familiar artist, Isi. … What, doesn’t ring any bells ? Well he’s only the second half of Digitalism. A great remix by this guy from Hey Today! a duo from Germany, who are also on the Kitsuné label on which this remix was released.
Hey Today! – Walk Through (ISI-talism remix)

And last, but not least, The Subs. Probably the most succesfull belgium artist at the moment. With a lot of live performances on the last summer festivals. The track, Papillon, has been out for a rather long time now, but I still thought it was worth posting and so, maybe some visitors from other country’s could have a go with it!
The Subs – Papillon

So that’s about for this one, Keep an eye on the blog again. Because I have some more stuff lined-up for the next days including some new talent.