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Hostage loves rave

Hostage, a dj/producer from the UK has a new EP coming(OMG I SPELLED IT RIGHT FROM THE FIRST TIME) up, which will be called “Shake It”. The release is planned for the first of december, but Hostage uploaded 5 tracks from the EP onto his myspace. I uploaded the track Slave, a track that starts of with a kicking beat but then goes over into a more raving like track like, let’s say his remix for Alter8’s frequency.

Hostage – Shake It EP
1. Shake it (Don’t Break it)
2. Leathered
3. Hostage – The Slave
4. Roll On (Original Mix)


One More Time (Laidback Luke edit)

Laidback Luke, probably my favourite house producer. Not only his own productions but also his remixes are always real killers on the dancefloor. His latest work is a re-edit from Daft Punk’s One More Time. As you might think, remixing this track can’t be easy and you have to do it right! You can’t just screw up a classic like this one. I expected a lot of this re-edit when I was downloading it, a bit too much I think because I’m don’t get the “WIIII” feeling I get when I listen to the original track. Too much cuts and loops in the vocals, doesn’t give the feeling of a well edited track. Anyway let me know what you guys think, but I think Laidback Luke can do better than this.

Daft Punk – One More Time (Laidback Luke ‘Be More Time’ Edit)


Art Whiplash

“Art Whiplash est un dé-compositeur de musique violente.”

Violent it is! This is the real trash electro stuff. I was checking out Toxic Avangers newest remix from Art Whiplash‘s “Party sex and bullshit” and I said to myself “damn this is some good stuff, never heard about Art Whiplash, lets look up the original track”. Damn am I happy I did, raw uncutted beats and effects is how I like to describe this track. This one is definitely not for the not-electro trash lovers. Check this trashy track and the quality remix by Toxic Avanger

Art Whiplash – Party sex and bullshit

Art Whiplash – Party sex and bullshit (Toxic Avanger remix)


Turbo Recordings

A lot of released and upcoming tracks from Tiga’s record label “Turbo Records” lately, so here is a short overview of these MUST haves!

First up the second EP of ZZT on turbo which actually was released earlier this month (but still a good share for all those who haven’t got it!)
ZZT – The Worm (Erol Alkan extended rework)

Then from the man himself Tiga, a lot of people already have written him off, but he’s back, and how! I’m totally addicted to this track, the built up, the deep bass and the catchy phrase “Every time I look into your eyes I see the future”. Release should be around december.
Tiga – Mind Dimension 2

And to end this Turbo Records “special”, a small preview(mini mix between two tracks) from Brodinski‘s upcoming release oblivion, very dark house/electro which comes rather close to techno if you ask me (if you would speed it up that is).
Brodinski – Oblivion+Oblivon(Noob remix)