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The latest release of my personal nr1 dj at the moment, Brodinski, is Eurostarr. Not a complete own production but a collaboration between him and Mumdance. Not the most known artist as far as I know, but after checking his myspace I found out he already made some good solid remixes/dj-sets and has a few interesting remixes coming up. Back to the track I’m sharing here then. It’s not the original track but an edit by Sharkslayer (check out his “cold as ice” track) which actually sounds very similar as the original but it’s totally free for download! In the end, though, I’ll have to admit that it isn’t my favorite Brodinski track.

Mumdance & Brodinski – Eurostarr (Sharkslayer Nassau Edit)



Wordclass DJ Adam Goldstein was found dead in his appartment yesterday. Might have been an overdose…
He was the kind of DJ that would do the scratching for artists like Madonna, Crazy Town, Papa Roach & Will Smith.
Last year he and Travis Barker were the only survivors in a horrible plane crash.
The two of ’em have made an awesome mixtape: TRV$DJAM – Fix Your Face, with Goldstein as DJ and Travis drumming on top of it. Be sure to download that mixtape!
Here’s a remix for AutoErotique (aka Vandalism) that he and Steve Aoki did very recently.

AutoErotique – Gladiator (Steve Aoki x DJ AM Remix) // AutoErotiqueDJ AMSteve Aoki

TRV$DJAM – Fix Your Face Mixtape // TRV$DJAM

I just saw they’ve made a live recording on Coachella too. I haven’t listened to it yet but I can only imagine it being awesome.

TRV$DJAM – Fix Your Face Vol.2: Coachella ’09