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In preparation for UK duo Dolby Anol‘s upcoming EP/Album Sandy Bitches (set to release April 12th 2010), they are releasing the Cameroon/Macaroon EP on the Tigerbass label. I already found a low quality rip from this track (Cameroon, first track of the 3 track release) a time ago, and I have been listening to it ever since. Dizzying loops, funky disco samples, epic build ups followed by pounding drops, this track absolutely NAILS IT! Yes, I’m in love with it and I bet you will be too! Check out Cameroon in full quality as an exclusive free download! And get the complete EP here: Beatport. Let’s get down to the funky disco!

Dolby Anol – Cameroon


Chill Sessions #3: Science

The third episode of our chill sessions is fully dedicated to upcoming dubstep duo Science, coming from Antwerp. This collaboration between Scypus and Crypt already brought us great tunes like Heal My Hurts and Bamboo Dub (forthcoming on Untitled! Recordings). Now they’re back with more heavy bass riddims. Deep tunes with big vibes that you can actually listen too.

‘Motion Tween’ starts with an epic build up, followed by the perfect drop. This one got played at Untitled! last Friday and got some great reactions.

Science – Motion Tween

The next one has a slower, dark vibe, reminding me of one of their other tunes ‘Crimes’ (check it out at their myspace). When I played this one on a big soundsystem it blew me away.

Science – The Red Planet

On top of the new tracks, they’ve uploaded a new mix. It’s the third part of their “Rainy Sundays” mixes, which focuses on the beautiful tunes you normally don’t hear at a party. With these mix series they want to give these tracks the attention they deserve.

Science – Rainy Sundays Part 03

01. Burial – Fostercare (hyperdub)
02. Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (virgin records)
03. Irrelevant – Grains (Myrkur Remix) (unreleased)
04. Scuba – Speak (Nakedlunch)
05. Subreachers – Free Mind (unreleased)
06. Science – Something We Wrote (unreleased)
07. Moby – Go (Saviour & Kursk Remix) (unreleased)
08. Pinch – Angels in the Rain (tectonic)
09. Boxcutter – Gave Dub (planet mu)
10. Burial – U Hurt Me (hyperdub)
11. Four Tet – Parks (domino)
12. Commix – Be True (metalheadz)
13. Duo Infernale – Lost In the World (timeless)
>> Calibre – What I Feel (signature)
14. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Drifting Away (osiris)
15. Dom & Roland – Chained On Two Sides (moving shadow)

If you would like to hear more of these kind of mixes, here’s part one and two.
They’re definitely worth listening to! For more info: facebook / myspace / soundcloud.


Kanji Kinetic

I just realised we have never featured any Kanji Kinetic stuff on this blog before. It’s a shame, as he always kept innovating his sound and took heavy bass music to the next level. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I almost feel obliged to post this.

He first caught my attention in the beginning of 2008, thanks to the famous Palms Out ‘Remix Sundays’. His 136 bpm remixes of Limewax, Jahcoozi and Girljoy were something almost unheard of for me.

Snap! – The Power (Kanji Kinetic Remix)

Limewax – One Of Them (Kanji Kinetic’s Vegeburger Bootleg)

Jahcoozi – Get Yo Shit Out (Kanji Kinetic’s Fuck Yo Shit Up Remix)

Kanji Kinetic – The Buffalo

Since then he kept doing his thing, producing those dancefloor destroyers. 2010 saw the release of his brutal monstrous remix of 16bit‘s Chainsaw Calligraphy, the crazy dubstep tune built around some chainsaw samples.
Insane wobble madness goes 4×4. NSFW.

16bit – Chainsaw Calligraphy (Kanji Kinetic Remix)

Next up is the release of his brand new “New Era EP” on Kid606‘s label Tigerbeat6. The title track is what they call epic.

meow157 Kanji Kinetic-New Era EP by Tigerbeat6