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Midnight Juggernauts

Hell yeah, was I excited when I saw the Midnight Juggernauts appearing in the line-up of the Les Ardentes Festival this summer. Their debut album was filled with amazing tracks as Into the Galaxy, Road To Recovery, Shadows, etc… .

I posted the video for their first new single “Vital Signs” from the upcoming new album and today I’m happy too be giving away two full quality tracks from these guys including “Vital Signs”. The other track accompanying this post is “Get Connected”. I heard a lot of people on boards and blogs whining about the fact these tracks don’t sound anything like Midnight Juggernauts, don’t really understand that. These new tracks get you swept from your feet and take the eclectic rockish (yes I’m bad at describing genres) like genre to a new level, just like their previous tracks did! First row at their Les Ardentes gig for sure.

Midnight Juggernauts – Vital Signs

Midnight Juggernauts – Get Connected


Against The Clock

Today I got some fresh drum & bass for you. Jump Up drum & bass, that is. We’ve got big names like J Majik, Hazard and DJ Die (picture above) delivering the latest dancefloor bangers.

Let’s start with the true king of Jump Up, DJ Hazard. He has made big hits like Mr. Happy, Busted, Machete, Killers Don’t Die, Tactix, etc. With his latest release “Platinum Shadow EP” he keeps bringing his signature fast paced beats (around 189bpm) with some deep wobbles on top of it. Listen to those snare drums! Heavy!

DJ Hazard – Against The Clock

Next up is another legend in the drum & bass game: J Majik. The owner of the Infrared record label once again teams up with Wickaman for the “Mosquito EP”. The title track’s build up leaves no one standing still. With the combination of the vocal, the banging snares and the Deadmau5 sample (“The Reward Is Cheese”), it really drags you into the song towards the drop.

J Majik & Wickaman – Mosquito

To those who went to Rampage last weekend, you made the right choice! DJ Marky had the whole crowd bouncin’ with this big tune! Next to DJ Marky, it were Taxman and Netsky vs Murdock who destroyed the place!

DJ Die & Interface – Bright Lights (Rockers Mix)

After the split of Generation Dub/G Dub, both members went their own way under different aliases. Original Sin (Adam Tindill) turned out to be the most successful of the two, but Sub Zero (Jake Carter) has made a couple of great tunes as well (Spin Doc, anyone?). “Motion” could be seen as an updated, bigger version of Spin Doc. This is Big!

Sub Zero – Motion

The last track comes from DC Breaks‘ latest release “Halo EP”. The second track ‘Babylon’ brings some hard hitting beats. Buy the full EP here.

DC Breaks – Babylon



I’m digging a lot of commercial tv/radio hits recently. Too name a few: I’m thinking of tracks as Rihanna’s Rude Boy, Ellie Goulding’s Starry Eyed and I would even go as far as to say 3OH!3′s Starstrukk is god damn catchy (yes, you know I’m right!). But one that jumped out for me lately is the new single of Kelis called “Acapella”. We probably all know Kelis from her dirty/sluttish track “Milkshake”, but the Kelis we are seeing in this new single has more content and feels so much more mature. Acapella is the first single of here upcoming album “Flesh Tone” which is produced by David Guetta (what is he NOT producing or co-working on these days?).

A thing which almost every time happens with popular commercial tracks … they get remixed! With this song it ain’t different, Maximus/Baxter jumped on the job and delivered an amazing dubstep-like banger. They sent me two versions of their remix, one with vocals, one without. Obviously my favourite is the one with vocals, you’ll hear why!

Kelis – Acapella (Maximus Baxter Remix)