“I am Jealov, You are Jealov, We are Jealov, This is Jealov.”

Talking about love on first sight, Jealov is a fresh Belgian (from Leuven) producers who produces amazing tracks and remixes. It’s very hard to describe his genre, his facebook page says: “unable”, which pretty much sums it up. Another blog on the internet describes them as “chillwave” but in the end you just have to check these two remix and the mixtape from a month ago (still worth downloading and listening, thrust me!). Based on the mixtape alone you could compare Jealov with stuff like Hudson Mohawke, jazzy loops, hip hop beats and so on. This could have gone easily in one of Jack Herror’s Chill Sessions I think!

Beyoncé – N4UGHTY GIR1 (Jealov Remix)

Sean Paul – TMPRTR (JEALOV remix)

Jealov ‘UNable’ Mixtape by Jealov

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