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You Can Dance

Yeah! Finally found some time to get something on the blog! … Unfortunately it didn’t came across much to blog about, kinda losing track on all of my “sources”. Not much tracks to post but there were some good mixtapes dropped on soundcloud last week and after all that dubstep/dnb violence by The Hoax some new disco and French house sure is in place!

I’ll start of with a fresh remix by The Phantom’s Revenge I picked up at the el3ctronight blog. It was released along with two other remixes (by Kartell and Quinten 909) on Ivan The Terrible’s Back On Track EP. As expected by The Phantom’s Revenge some uptempo quality French House! Remember kids, reduced bitrate so get the full on Beatport.

Ivan The Terrible – Back On Track (The Phantoms Revenge Remix)

He also uploaded a brand new mixtape 3 days ago which is filled with tracks like this one.

Today Chilly Gonzales’ You Can Dance EP was released and it includes some very nice remixes! My favourite ones are by Shadow Dancer, Cosmonaut Grechko and this one below by Edwin van Cleef. Already heard the original a million times (might be exaggerate) but never get tired of it. Have a listen to all the remixes on Beatport.

And to end the post 3 February chart mixes in case you have mist them!

Edwin van Cleef – February Chart Mix 2011 by Edwin van Cleef

Aeroplane February 2011 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

VillA in the mix February 2011 by VILLA Soundcloud


Siriusmo “Mosaik”

A couple of weeks ago you could already small snippets of the album on soundcloud. Not much later the first single of this upcoming album was released “Feromonikon/Signal”, two amazing tracks that were a very good warmup for it. All the blogs were already reviewing the album with the soundcloud stream, but I waited for the promotional copy to land in my emailbox to give you this next review hoping it will stay fresh in mind when the album finally releases: 25 February on Monkeytown Records.

Moritz Friedrich aka Siriusmo is ofcourse no newcomer so this album had to appear sooner or later. If we may believe the brothers Dewaele (from Soulwax) Siriusmo isn’t that much of an “attention whore” and is a bit of an introvert person. I think you could say that reflects a bit on his music because it isn’t aggressive at all, even the ones with the more bass?! Hit “Read the rest of …” to continue reading!

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Les Enfants (Gesaffelstein Remix)

Didn’t Cassius already release I <3 U So? Beatport says I'm right! It already had a release late September 2010. Anyway the track got released (again) early this week and features remixes by Gesaffelstein, Skream, Bowski and L-VIS 1990, so you could say it's the remix ep of I <3 U So (which I couldn't make up from the promo mail I got). Everybody was, to say the least, very excited for the Skream remix, but my enthusiasm goes out to the Gesaffelstein remix of "Les Enfants" which we can give away as a free download! (Funny how the promo mail misspelled "Gesaffelsein") For the other tracks move your asses to Beatport.

Cassius – Les Enfants (Gesaffelstein Remix)