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Clouds – Numbers

I have some catching up to do from the beginning of the week. Hope I can get some stuff online this weekend! Some time ago a scottisch youngster sent his tracks to a label called Turbo Recordings next thing he knows he gets asked by mister Turbo himself, Tiga, to release an EP on his label. That pretty much sums up the story behind Clouds. Numbers EP is already release number 96 on the label so I’m curious what Tiga will come up with for release 100!

Numbers EP features 4 originals, all quality tracks as we can expect from a Turbo release. Electro-Techno at it’s best with never before heard beaps, bleeps and mad distortions.

Turbo 096 | Clouds – Numbers EP by turborecordings


Lorcan Mak – Acid House

A good week ago the label owner of Midnight Munchies send me a PM with a preview of the next upcoming release. The track was called “Lorcan Mak – Acid House”. I thought too myself: Lorcan Mak … never heard of, Acid House … how ordinary/boring can a track name be. But oh my god what a track it was! Big room electro/techno sound knocking me straight from my seat. At an age of 21 this Lorcan Mak guy from Dublin is one to keep an eye one, a great catch for the Midnight Munchies label! Acid House will be released 4th of April along with a minimalistic remix by Le Petit Belge & Le Cheval and more of a disco-funk remix by Get Nuts.

Lorcan Mak – Acid House (MIMU009) by midnightmunchies


Hijack – March 2011 Mix

I was having just another boring Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining but that was about it, until I stumbled on the new Hijack mixtape. Instant summervibe (I bet even when there wouldn’t be any sun today). Hijack picked yet again some of the sweetest house tracks I ever heard and mixed them brilliantly into this 1h 20min mixtape. I’m uploading this too my mp3 player because I know I’ll be needing it early tomorrow morning.

Hijack – March 2011 Mix by Hijack