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Badklaat EP

Lots of big stuff coming out next week! Get ready for BadKlaat EP, with heavy bass dubstep tunes by the one and only… BadKlaat! The EP will be released on Bassclash Records, the label that brought us Requake’s “Waterdrops EP”. You can preview the 4 tracks below.

Click “attending” on this event to receive a free track by BadKlaat when the release comes out! The EP will be available on Beatport from June 6th 2011 and on all other stores 2 weeks thereafter.

01. Head Top
02. Ouija
03. Freq Skank
04. This Is 96

Badklaat EP Minimix [BASS008] by Bassclash Records

I just realised we didn’t get around posting Requake’s “Waterdrops EP”. In fact we haven’t posted anything about Requake yet… What a shame! This Belgian(!) dubstep trio has gained lots of recognition in a very short time. There’s one keyword in their productions: BASS! But I guess I’ll just let the music do the talking…

Requake – Waterdrops

Requake – Klipto

Buy the EP on Beatport and show some appreciation on their facebook page!


Housemeister – Music Is Awesome

Who is That Noize? Inordertodance. What You Want. These tracks should definitely ring some bells, they are taken from Housemeister‘s debut album “Who Is That Noize”. Housemeister has always had a really distinguishing sound and apart from that he always has been a peculiar guy. A few years ago I saw him play a gig at a local party, for starters he looked a bit wasted, so I didn’t got my hopes very high and at that time he was also playing with vinyl. Was it the bad material or just him being wasted but a mix between records couldn’t have gone any wronger… . The crowd lost interest in this, at that time not so popular, dj/producer. I stood loyal to his debut album still enjoying those tracks (even these days) but I didn’t get warm for any new releases and let most of them pass me by.

(This is starting to sound like a bad review isn’t it?) Hell, let’s cut the negative crap, Housemeister’s second album “Music Is Awesome” is … AWESOME! The intro track gives the whole package a nice retro extravaganza feeling (like those old american black&white movies, not like I have seen any, but you know what I mean). The title track “Music Is Awesome” is probably one my least favourites, but what makes up for this track is this brilliant videoclip that goes along with it, there’s also a video contest going on, you should check that one out, got the feeling some funny as stuff is gonna follow out of that one. The album features some high tempo, action packed tracks like Rapide, Twisteras and Saverave as well as more relaxing easylistening tunes like Feed The Robots and Sommer. Also nBaxx featuring Boys Noize is on the album which was previously released on the Shizzo EP by Boys Noize and Housemeister, had some great responds on this track at last weeks gig, you immediately feel the Boys Noize touch on this one when playing it. For my favourite track on the album I’m going for Schnee Von Gestern feat. Jan Driver, another brilliant collaboration which results in a track that will get some reaction from the even more commercial minded crowds I think!

Housemeister has his facts right, music is indeed awesome. And while having a very distinguishing sound I think this EP will reach more then just the “scene”. Must get album for this summer! Oh yeah, the album is out today, but you can still listen to the preview here.


Maximum Boost

Here are some of the best recent dubstep and drum & bass tunes. Don’t forget to buy them at Beatport, Juno or whatever you prefer! All tracks have a reduced bitrate.
The first tune is a real grimey banger! Heavy pumpin’ beats by Von D combined with the intense, aggressive raps by Foreign Beggars and MC Spyda! The track will be released on Von D’s forthcoming album, called “Daydreaming”.

Von D – Maximum Boost (Ft. Foreign Beggars & Spyda)

Next up there’s Skream with his brand new “Skream EP”, featuring four of his most sought after underground tracks. The EP is released on his own Disfigured Dubz label.

Skream – Heavy Hitter

The mysterious trio known as The Aliens return with a full album! They’ve already amazed the dubstep scene with tracks like ‘Xterminate’ and ‘wOt’, but here they are again with “Invasion”, containing 11 mind blowing tracks. Be amazed!

The Aliens – Go Hard

The Aliens – Xterminate

Time for some drum & bass. Octane & DLR and EBK (both on Renegade Hardware) with vocals by Gusto. The track will be released June 6th on the “Inception EP”, pre-order that shit here.

EBK, Octane & DLR Ft Gusto – Mainframe

The next track was made by BCee, S.P.Y. and DJ Friction. Talk about a dream team! The tune’s a bit softer than the rest of this post, but I’m sure most of you will like this one!

BCee & S.P.Y. – Is Anybody Out There? (Friction & K-Tee Remix)

Now some ragga drum & bass to finish this post! Big ups to Greg Packer for this one!

Greg Packer – Rudeboy (Ft. MC Assassin)