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Jealov – Translations Ep

Had a nice vacation, did a lot of … nothing … but that’s what vacations are for I guess. The weather is finally getting better in Belgium, but I kept you guys waiting long enough so time to get going again.

And what better way to start blogging again then with a free EP coming from creative minds Jealov. Their Translations EP is getting a free release on the Los Angeles based Mush Records, some of the tracks already past this frontpage but are worth posting again! Hard to paste a genre on their music, but I would say it something of a combination between experimental electro, trip-hop, dubstep combined with the creative use of known samples coming from Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Rihanna and so on. Their other EP ‘Framework’ is also getting a release on the Mush Records label, so don’t hesitate to check their website or like them on facebook.

Jealov – Translations

Jealov – SeansShelter

Jealov – Translations

Jealov – BCGir1

Jealov – JustInLov

Jealov – ReNASOS

Jealov – JZ9999

Jealov – AllITry