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Sound Of Stereo – Mineral (The Remixes)

The last EP by Sound Of Stereo ‘Mineral’ didn’t really got me going wild, apart from the Opal track the EP didn’t give me the wow feeling I had with their previous release. Totally different story now for the remix EP. A very nice remix line-up with my favourite remixes being Opal TWR72 remix, Diamond Van Toth Remix and my biggest favourite by Belgian duo Errorism, who won a spot on the EP by winning the Diamon remix competition. Love love looooove the vocals on that remix. Check it out below, EP is being released tomorrow on Lektroluv Records!

Sound Of Stereo – Mineral – The Remixes by lektroluvrecords


Bobble – Zacharias EP

Remember Bobble? A couple of months ago he released “Zefix” with remixes by Jan Driver and Shameboy. Now six months later he will release another pounding, pounding techno EP called “Zacharias” (28/10 on GND Records). This time Ado and Blitzkid got the honor to produce their own version of the original. The Original Bavarian Mix, which is my favourite, has an awesome old school techno sound to it. Don’t hesitate in checking out the rest of the EP.

Bobble – Zacharias by GND Rec.