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Quad Bikes (Delta Heavy Remix)

The next H.E.N.C.H release is looking rather promising. Not only is there a brand new track by Mensah (which you can preview here), on the other side there’s Delta Heavy remixing “Quad Bikes”, that awesome tune by Sukh Knight, Mensah and Squarewave. The result is a little less ‘subtle’ than the original, but this will definitely destroy many dancefloors!

Mensah, Sukh Knight & Squarewave – Quad Bikes (Delta Heavy Remix) by Delta Heavy


Get Naked

Posted a preview of this original “Get Naked” by Riva Starr, Fatboy Slim & Beardy Man some time ago on our facebook (make sure you follow us, lately been posting more updates there). The track is finally coming out the 20th of December on Moshi Moshi/Snatch (incl. Carl Cox remix!!). Part I love most about this track is the oldschool sample, can’t recall which track exactly but when you hear it you’ll know which sample I’m talking about. Enjoy this free Dub remix as a perfect taster!

Riva Starr Fatboy Slim (feat. Beardyman) – Get Naked (Dub Mix)