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It’s not right (Bongo remix)

Another big loss in the music industry, Whitney Houston. We all know her classics and many of them are still an inspiration for todays artists, something that was brought under the attention at last weeks Grammy Awards. Of course a lot of remixer jumped straight on the remix wagon to give their tribute to her music (or is it just to profit from the attention those tracks are getting? Let’s leave that one in the middle!).

Haven’t checked many of the remixes, but his next one by Bongo is a winner. The typical Bongo sound is a nice relieve from all the harder electro/techno/… tracks lately and the polished vocal samples from of course Whitney Houston makes this a nice warm track. Also loving the lenght of the track (7min+) which feels right with a track like this (even then I’m playing this one in repeat).

Whitney Houston – It’s not right (Bongo remix)