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Surrender! is a 23 year old producer from Istanbul, Turkey and I only just realised I already blogged about him! He totally got me hooked with his “Optimo EP” and now he’s back with an upcoming single which is part of his debut album coming this summer! The single is called Volute, a strong spacy electro track which reminds me a bit of productions by Danger, very addictive again! On the B-side you’ll find “Fast Days” a more up-lifting disco track. Have a listen to both tracks and pick it up on Beatport the 2nd July. Release by La Bombe.

Surrender! Volute EP by La Bombe



Always nice to find stuff like this in your inbox, it shows a lot of talent still needs to be discovered. I’m talking about this 22 year old from the UK who goes by the name “Maths Time Joy” and produces some amazing experimental electronic / dubstep like tracks. His debut EP is called “Lightyears” and features 5 originals. The tracks are maybe not as polished like tracks I posted from Jealov, James Blake etc in the past, but that doesn’t bother me at all, keeps me on edge when listening to them. Instant good mood for sure.

01 T.L.C.

02 Faces

03 Guardian

04 We Are Not Alone

05 Lightyears ft. Thai Matic