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Beatport shopping #1

Doing some regular “shopping” on Beatport and thought it would be usefull for some of you all to see which tracks I buy for my djsets and such. I’ll try giving regular updates of my future purchases!

So, that’s my list of tracks I bought last week. If you have some cool tracks to add which are similar to above, don’t hold back!


Animal Language

Label in the spotlight! Animal Language! This label is found by the dutch duo Mason. Some years ago they had a big hit “Exceeder” which is still a regular on the local dancefloors here. Many of the more succesfull producers of that time took a more commercial direction but these guys sticked to their orignal sound and are still bringing out way more bigger tracks then those who went commercial in my opinion. To celebrate their succes and the upcoming 22nd release they are sharing the next two tracks for free! Loving it big time!

Mason – Doorman (shortcut)

Loulou Players – Saturday Night Beaver (Animal Language Shortcut)



“Free” is the new EP from French producer Combostar. He has support coming from everywhere including MSTRKRFT, Mumbai Science, J Paul Getto, Justin Faust and so on. The track is a real french-house/nu disco bomb and is supported on this EP by 4 remixes: Louis La Roche, Go Go Bizkit, Second Date and Timo Juuti & Hector 87. And does anyone recognize the vocals? That’s right it’s Mani Hoffman, the same guy you heard on “Starlight” from The Supreme Lovers. Anyway, “Free” EP is not as free as it sounds, but I do have the Louis La Roche remix as a free download! Check out the original and the other remixes below.

Combostar – Free (Louis La Roche Remix)


Lapalux – The Hours

Free track coming from the Brainfeeder label which most of you guys should know already via Flying Lotus. The sounds I’m hearing from labels like Brainfeeder are definitely my favorite sounds of the moment. You already see a lot of producers and dj’s from other genres who’re clearly getting some inspiration from that “genre”. I’m really hoping it doesn’t blow up like dubstep/dnb stuff, but by the looks of it the hype kids already have their handfull with “Trap Music” (I should state that I like a lot of the Trap labeled tracks, so don’t want to be disrespectful!).

Aaaanyway, Lapalux is a young guy from the UK bringing what you can expect from an artist on the Brainfeeder label, nice and relaxed rythm with some cool sample work. On a side note, I recently watched this very cool shortmovie about Flying Lotus, definitely recommend watching it, check it out right here.

Lapalux – The Hours