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La Bombe

One of my favourite labels these days: La Bombe is giving away 2 tracks from French newcomer “Madame” to celebrate their 2000 soundcloud subscribers. The previous tracks I received from this label were more nu-disco orientated, but “Madame” is bringing us strong electro/techno tracks which are getting early support from names as Gesaffelstein and Brodinski. Also keep an eye on the remix package which should come pretty soon to Beatport.

Madame – EVIL 64

Madame – Trahkt


La Zebra – Night Grooves

Woooow, loving the disco vibes on this one! The track is apparently rather old (2009 or something) but it’s the first time it sees light in the blogosphere. La Zebra and 1/2 of LBCK teamed up and created this house tainted disco inferno. They used this old disco sample but I can’t recall from which original track it comes, can anyone help? Anyway, going to loop this track a time or 3 before I call it an early night! Tomorrow I’ve got some “heavier” disco tracks lined-up!

Night Grooves (Original Mix)


Henzel & Disco Nova – Hypnotized Minds

More future techno coming from the Bad Life label. This time featuring two guys from the Netherlands who go by the name Henzel & Disco Nova. A rather long time ago I posted a mixtape by these guys and those who picked it up know what they can expect: heavy bass with a high load of energy! Something they also bring with them when you see them behind the decks by the way.

The EP is called Hypnotized Minds and features two originals “Hypnotized Minds” and “Chagarijn” along with a heavy bass version of Chagarijn and a remix by NT89 for Hypnotized Minds, a perfect fit for this EP. Have a listen to the streams below and grab the heavy bass version for free.

Henzel & Disco Nova – Chagarijn (Bass Version)

Henzel & Disco Nova – Hypnotize Minds EP by Bad Life


Phobia (bretonLABS Remix)

Discovered Breton on a radio show earlier this year and I digged their debut album “Other People’s Problems” mainly because every track was so diverse, it went from electronic ambient music to experimental electro versus rock and back. It seems these guys are also busy in the remix business and shared this one for the indie-pop duo “Me And My Drummer“, the typical experimental electro vibe we are used to these days is again present.

Me And My Drummer -Phobia (bretonLABS Remix)