Guilty Pleasure

Lately everything I hear (or better said: want to hear) is experimental electro, quality house and good old techno tunes. There was a day (not so long ago) that this blog was filled with electro-clash/trash whatever you like to call it, but in the end it was very raw and also of course the hype at that time. Nowadays I still get similar tracks and I have to admit I sometime do crave the “good old days” (I’m sounding like a retired spokesman). Anyway, I picked up the following two out for nostalgic reasons and also because they are pretty solid productions!

First track’s from SLDGHMR promoting the new Shiny Toy Guns Album (Boys Noize once a did brilliant remix for them as well).

Shiny Toy Guns – Fading Listening (SLDGHMR Remix)

The second one is a real electro rave remix by Kids At The Bar (they know their fair party of electro-clash remixes) for the Justice ‘classic’: DVNO.

Justice – DVNO (Kids At The Bar Remix)

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