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Dancing Room

First of all merry christmas to you all. Hope you’re all enjoying the amount of food, drinks and of course gifts. These next tracks were submitted to me by facebook and for some reason I always get EDM stuff that way, but this was something completely different. Outriders is the alias of a 17 year old(!) producer from Mexico. I’ll start of saying that his productions have some workpoints here and there, but they are good enough for me to really enjoy them and give the guy some deserved attention.

Outriders – Never Give Up

Outriders – Beat It

Outriders – Illimite

Outriders – Danacing Room (K&G)


Swim – Ride (Turbo Turbo Remix)

Turbo Turbo is something our Flemish readers will recognize of a weird cartoon about a bad-mooded gnome (look up “Kabouter Wesley”), but it’s also the name two guys from Germany use to push out some Techno powered tracks. Their latest remix for the track “Swim – Ride” was shared by Bad Life records for cellebrating their two year existence! Big up to Turbo Turbo, big up to Bad Life! And also a very big up to Shadow Dancer who’s album got released on Bad Life today!

Swim – Ride (Turbo Turbo Remix)