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Shut Up (Sound of Stereo Remix)

The boys have something to celebrate! 50.000 likes and 8000 followers. The Sound of Stereo ship is still sailing strong. As a token of appreciation they are sharing the remix they recently did for Proxy‘s “Shut Up”. The strong electro rave original gets polished to a more clubby, laidback vibe (I’m completely lacking inspiration today). Anyway, it’s my favorite from the Shut Up remixes and even my favorite from the latest Sound of Stereo productions.

Proxy – Shut Up (Sound of Stereo Remix)


Bot – 24 Minutes

Some time ago the Crookers split up. Phra continued under the crookers name and continued producing music in the same line. Bot on the other hand locked himself in a studio for three months and now sees the daylight again with a whole bunch of new productions. Nothing in the line of crookers though (well atleast not 100%), but what people lately like to call future techo. Interested in the result? Have a listen to this 24 minute teaser mix.


Nathaniel – An Introduction To 2013

Anyone remember Hector & Nate? I think I did post or two about these guys like 2 years ago when they were releasing some stuff on the Belgian “Monkey See Monkey Do” label. Hector and Nate both went their own way and this last one is now doing some pretty cool stuff as “Nathaniel”. If you’re into house music you will find what you’re looking for in this mixtape.


Light Year gets above it.

One of the best releases of 2012 was without a doubt from Sydney based producer “Light Year“. The Moderation EP swept many people of their feets. Really looking forward to what he will bring in 2013 and to get everybody interested he’s sharing an interesting edit of “Tame Impala – Be Above It”. It comes over a bit rough at the beginning but it’s probably hard to find the right balance between a electronic rave track and alterantive rock music like this (I also think the mastering of the track could have been better, but I’m not an expert on that area). Extra bonus, a full length mixtape as well!

Tame Impala – Be Above It (LY’s ‘Get Above It’ 909 Edit)