Vision Machine

A while back The Oddword announced that they were splitting up. Boy would continue as The Oddword and Ylii started a new project “Vision Machine” because he had other interests and other future plans (music wise of course). After listening to the first dj set recording of Vision Machine I immediately understand why he split away from The Oddword. While The Oddword goes for a full on EDM approach (I know it’s an ugly term, but it’s just to make a point) Vision Machine goes back to the more underground sound/tracks with mainly Techno, Tech-House, Future-Techno sounds.

I’ve never been the biggest The Oddword fan for various reasons, but I did enjoy his set at Replay Festival last weekend. But after hearing the next Vision Machine Live set at Inside I think I’ll be a bigger Vision Machine fan as a The Oddword fan. I wish em both all the good luck in the future.

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