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Laundry Day 2012

Had a good night’s sleep after partying hard at the Laundry Day 2012 festival. Here’s a quick and short recap by … me!

  • So many stages, so many dj’s and at the end of the night you only saw like 5 … but that’s something we knew in advance of course!
  • Rubix playing baiser sur la disco as we arrive, instant mood was set.
  • Paul Chambers throwing one techno synth after the other towards us, shame the crowd only reacted to the last few track which weren’t his own.
  • Compact Disk Dummies, winners of Humo’s Rock Rally 2012, were enjoyable but didn’t overwhelmed us. Sometimes felled a bit like Crystal Castles “youngster edition” and I’m not particularly  saying it in bad way though!
  • Raving George, funny how she was the only one sticking out way above the dj stage. Is it because you know why? Or is it because she finds it comfortable djing that way? I for one don’t and like to keep my dj gear at elbow height… . Anyway some nice electo tracks, but the real “hard rave electro” is growing away from me.
  • Mumbai Science, as expected (fanboy as I am) the best set of the day! Heard some new stuff, heard their own tracks, quality mixing, just what I expect from a Mumbai Science dj set. Big up for their energy behind the dj booth (especially Jonas as always) knowing they were just back from Miami if I have read correctly! Everyday, Anytime, Mumbai Science!
  • Ramon Tapia, time for some relaxing under the trees at the Mojito sanctuary. Very cool atmosphere over there with colored lights and white laundry hanging in the trees. A much older crowed their and much more relaxed then all the other stages. Ramon Tapia did what he does best, no nonsense house music. Very very very enjoyable after all the other madness of that day.
  • Surfing Leons, not really on our to see list but he was playing the TNGHT EP so decided to stick around for a few minutes. The man was clearly enjoying himself and was just playing what he felt like. Suddenly out of nowhere: Carly Rae Jepsen – Call me maybe, I really didn’t expect to hear that at Laundry Day and me and my friends were like “what the?”, half way in the track Surfing Leons started to mix it down with Gesaffelstein – Controlmovement. It was rather messy but the smile on Surfing Leons was hilarious so on my part: he got a way with it.
  • One Man Party, only saw the beginning of his set but it wasn’t that good… the tracklist was awesome, but the mixing was so sloppy that it was painful to the ears. Hope he could recover for the second part of the set. I much rather saw him play the drums for Soulwax which for the record he stopped doing.
  • Sound of Stereo, very good live set, clean, good variation and of course heard their big “hits”. Also cool to see the singer from Willow come on stage and do the live vocal work of the SoS remix, didn’t expect that and it worked perfectly on stage.

Unfortunately had to leave a bit earlier so didn’t get the chance to see Goose. Some of my friend stayed and told me they played some new material. Hoping to catch them soon on another time! This was my short Laundry Day recap, had a good time, spent way too much money (drink and feed were ridiculously overpriced) and heard good music. Till next year? Maybe … I’m hoping to see them attract more international Dj’s and don’t just stick to the solid values, some of them are long overdue.



Always nice to find stuff like this in your inbox, it shows a lot of talent still needs to be discovered. I’m talking about this 22 year old from the UK who goes by the name “Maths Time Joy” and produces some amazing experimental electronic / dubstep like tracks. His debut EP is called “Lightyears” and features 5 originals. The tracks are maybe not as polished like tracks I posted from Jealov, James Blake etc in the past, but that doesn’t bother me at all, keeps me on edge when listening to them. Instant good mood for sure.

01 T.L.C.

02 Faces

03 Guardian

04 We Are Not Alone

05 Lightyears ft. Thai Matic


Syndaesia EP

Don’t be fooled by the soothing oriental intros, the tracks on this next EP are heavy dancefloor killers. Syndaesia is the next up and coming talent on the Broken Music records. The EP will release pretty soon (normally today if I’m not mistaking) and features 3 originals. So keep an eye on the Broken Music page and pick up the release as soon as it comes available. In the meantime you can already have a listen below. I’m thinking Syndaesia found the original Prince of Persia soundtracks a bit to boring?!

Syndaesia EP – BROKEN006 by Broken Music BE