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Break it Down (Louis Futon Remix)

On the last Drake album I was blown away with the voice of Jhene Aiko on the track “From Time“. And later I heard her again in the collab with Childish Gambino for “Bed Peace” (Talking about Childish Gambino, Louis Futon also did a remix for his recent single “2005”.

I was hooked to both tracks and when I saw her name passing by on hypem it immediately got my attention. Unfortunately I didn’t get to hear much from her in this next track, but I did discover a nice/chill house remix by Louis Futon for the track “Logic ft. Jhene Aiko – Break It Down”. Have a listen and grab the download on his facebook page.

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Them DJ moves

Wow! So much discussion on the world wide web about the videoclip where you see Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki messing around (or the lack of messing around) behind the decks. I myself found the video hilarious for one main thing: the text comments. “Don’t mind me guys, just touching this knob”. It just exaggerates what you already see in the video.

Apparently a lot of people were surprised by these DJ moves, but common don’t we all found ourselfs doing simular things when messing about behind the decks? Doing useless knob twisting, using a filter that doesn’t seem to do sh*t and so on?

Of course we are talking about bedroom dj’s as myself in this case, so why are professional dj’s like Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki doing this? The answer is simple: the commercial crowd wants it. They want the DJ’s to act like fools in my opinion. They want to be entertained but not on a technical level. When I go to parties I listen carefully to every track transistion the dj makes and think to myself was this ok, or could he have done this better? I like to do this, it helps me in my personal growing as a DJ. But almost none of the commercial crowd people think that same way. They want to hear a drop, want to see a cake fly through the air, want to watch people jump up and down, want to see a DJ wave his arms around and preferably all at the same time.

In the end guys like me might sound boring and sound like nags. But hey, I’m fine the way I enjoy the music at a venue, the people in the commercial crowd probably enjoy it and in the end also the DJ’s like Steve Aoki seem to enjoy it. It’s fine, it’s all good, enjoy it your way, I’ll enjoy it my way.

And I do believe, that behind every arm waving, cake throwing DJ there is a skilled person who worked hard to get where he is. Let’s just hope they not get lost in that “glam-rock” hype.