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Baskerville – Synth Coke

Dutch duo Baskerville is doing well for them self. After their first release on the sublabel BNR TRAX “Priam” they now have a second release coming very soon AND they are added to the Boysnoize booking roster. To celebrate all of this they are sharing their unreleased “Synth Coke” as a free download. The track really reminds of the good old “electro days”. The guys have been around for some time now (can find a post dating back to 2009), explaining the old school electro vibe they are still carrying with them! Don’t forget to keep an eye open for their new BNR TRAX release!

Baskerville – Synth Coke


Beatport shopping #1

Doing some regular “shopping” on Beatport and thought it would be usefull for some of you all to see which tracks I buy for my djsets and such. I’ll try giving regular updates of my future purchases!

So, that’s my list of tracks I bought last week. If you have some cool tracks to add which are similar to above, don’t hold back!



New release on the BMKLTSCH RCRDS label (who also will be releasing Gtronic’s Iron Man later this year!). This time it’s the Baskerville ‘Reloaded’ EP which is out on iTunes and Beatport (and other DL sites) today. The EP contains 2 original and 3 remixes. I honestly can say that I’m really loving this release with the Reloaded (Audiostalkers Remix) and the One Dollar Dave (Boemklatsch Remix) as my favorites, this last one I can share as 320kbps version. Real electro banger EP that will score good when dropping it on the dancefloor. Buy it on Beatport!

Full track list of the EP:
A1. Baskerville – Reloaded (original)
A2. Baskerville – Reloaded (Audiostalkers remix)
A3. Baskerville – Reloaded (Elected remix)
B1. Baskerville – One Dollar Dave (original)
B2. Baskerville – One Dollar Dave (Boemklatsch remix)

Baskerville – Reloaded (original)

Baskerville – Reloaded (Audiostalkers remix)

Baskerville – One Dollar Dave (Boemklatsch remix) (320kbps)