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Les Ardentes 2011

Tomorrow Les Ardentes kicks off again. First time in 4 years I’m not going the complete 4 days, but only friday and saturday. Luckely enough those two days are the most relevant to the blog and should be in the agenda of all your electronic music lovers! Here are a few artists that are on my list!


Adrian Lux, I’m clueless on how his other music is but I’m completely in love with his track “Teenage Crime”, so who knows what he has in store.
>> Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime

Goose, watched them at Werchter so I’m probably a fool for going … again! But the performance they did at Werchter was brilliant and I would love some more of that action!
>> Goose – Words (Live at Werchter 2011)

Yuksek bailed on the pukkelpop crowed 2 years ago by not making it on time. Let’s hope he makes it this time. I’m not familiar yet with his new album, but as long as we hear Tonight we are good to go!
>> Yuksek Live at 4sans

Lektroluv Records is also taking over a room (similar like Planet Turbo did last year). 100% Belgian electro madness with The Subs, Highbloo, Lektroluv, Mumbai Science. But in all honesty, how good they even are, you should go and watch Agoria, Joris Voorn and Technasia in the Aquarium room. Lektroluv Records is represented at most of the big events so you’ll get plenty of chances in Belgium to see them. Go techno!
>> Technasia at I Love Techno 2006

If you’re not feeling “electro banger” or “techno rave” there is always VILLA and Mustang, disco pop electro! Also guarantee for a big party but without the ADHD feeling at the end.
>> Villa ft. The New Sins – Beats of Love (Live on Villa Vanthilt)


I’m going to be short about this one. Why? I’m not very familliar with most of the names that day. I know what kind of music I can expect but that’s about it. So I’ll probably discover lots of likes and dislikes that day. That’s what’s so great about Les Ardentes, discovering new music and not finding stuff you already heard a million times.

The aquarium room is all about dubstep that night. Darkstar, AKS Live, Dj Hatcha, Jakwow, Flux Pavillion. Enough dubstep names to get the hype going!
>> AKS ft. Lola – Give it back

My favourite stage that night will defenitly be Red Bull Elektropedia. Club Cheval and Sound Pellegrino right after each other, this will be one hell of a party.
>> Club Cheval at Social Club

As you can see, lot’s of music to explore at Les Ardentes. If I’m not mistaking there are still a few tickets left. So hop on that train and get your asses over there!



Crazy weeks followed by crazy weekends need crazy tracks! Some nice blog promos were sent in the blog atmosphere the last few days, and here is a small selection of it!

BMKLTSCH RCRDS has two new releases, one from the crazy Boemklatsch crew ft Mike Lord and the other one is from well known dutch electro producer Jaimie Fanatic. Both releases feature a nice batch of remixers as Shameboy (killer electro-techno remix!), Calverton, Hostage and more. For all the remixes I like to refer to Beatport: Boemklatsch / Jaimie Fanatic.

Boemklatsch – Nukes of hazard (Shameboy remix)

Jaimie Fanatic – This Beat is Ill (Hostage Remix)

Completly in love with these guys (Midnight Conspiracy) after their remix for Crystal Castles – Vietnam (which u can still get here) and this next remix they did for a band called Innerpartysystem which they did a DJ tour with. The remix sounds a bit like a dubstep-electro hybrid reminding me of another killer track from some time ago, but can’t recall the name, anyone know which track I’m talking about?

Innerpartysystem – And Together (Midnight Conspiracy Remix)

And finally! A new EP from probably my favourite electro producer: Zombie Nation. Always a nice and raw energy this man brings when performing in his livesets and when he will bring the following EP I can believe it will only be the same! The full release of the EP called Overshoot/Sheek is coming this monday but for now we have this free remix by Bart B More, the full EP will also include a remix by DJ Mehdi.

Zombie Nation – SQUEEK (Bart B More Remix)

GOOSE is getting a lot of good feedback for their second album, but it’s not really a dancefloor album, but that can easly be fixed with some remixes! “Words” the first single of the album Synrise, is getting it’s own remix pack release. WORDS REMIXES will be out on the 26th Incl. Boris Dlugosh, The Living Islands and more!

Goose – Words (Joe & Will Ask Remix Radio Edit)


Goose – Synrise

Well, I think I can say for a lot of us we’ve been waiting a long time for this one! The new album of Goose “Synrise” is finally in the stores. Sadly enough I don’t have the time right now to write up a complete review. So from the few times I heard the complete album, here is a small summary:

Goose clearly evolved from the debut album to this one. The tracks feel more layered as in much more synth tracks on top of another with a much bigger eye for detail. There are some amazing instrumental tracks on it, as the album titled track “Synrise” and these more instrumental tracks (less vocal) are my favourites of this album, because if I have to name a minor point of the album it would be the lyrics… Example: “Can’t stop me now” has the lyric line: “Can’t stop me now, because I’m standing on the edge” this line is in my opinion lame,boring and something I probably already heard somewhere else as well. In the end the perfect succesor to Bring It On, but my favourite Goose track is still on that first album!

Goose – Words (Jester Dub Remix)