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X-mas track-gift extravaganza!

I’m a bit late with my christmas (or w/e) post, but it’s that time of year a lot of producers decide to give away free tracks. I’ve been saving up all (or most of them) for this post. I’m not going to describe every track in this post, that’s something I’ll spend my time on for the top 10 list. So without anymore boring text, I hope you enjoyed the Christmas holidays so far and hope you enjoy the next batch of free tracks as well!

Jamaica – I Think I Like U 2 (TWR72 remix)

Sick Boy – Lock Up (Jaimie Fanatic Remix)

Eby Le Beatz – Scleranthus (Aerotronic remix)

Throbbing Gristle – Hot On The Heels Of Love (Eskimo Twins Rework)

Herbie Hancock – Hang Up Your Hang Ups (Les Petits Pilous Edit)

AutoKratz – Opposite of Love (Les Petits Pilous Remix)

Miami Horror – Holidays (Miami Horror and Cassian Remix)

David Lynch – Good Day Today (Boys Noize Remix)

Digitalism – Blitz (Moonlight Matters Remix)

DO DO DO (Strip Steve jacked up tool)

Michael Jackson – Dont Stop Till You Get Enough (Gigamesh Remix)


REDNIK’s festival guide: Les Ardentes 2010 (pt. 2)

My favourite festival is getting closer and I received some great news about it! I’m allowed press access, so I’m hoping to do some nice exclusive backstage work! The last artists I mentioned were from the first two days, this next batch is mainly from the third day.

Sub Focus, Andy C

For as far as my knowledge about DnB goes these two are one of the bigger names in the scene. After all the electro, hiphop and alternative rock violence some straight to the point DnB is always appreciated. The two indoor halls are perfect for this and last edition also proofs DnB brings up probably the best audience atmosphere.


Probably the most bizar figure of the already extravagant ed banger bunch. Even though he isn’t very strong in the technical dj’ing stuff, probably most of the time because he is under influence (check out this appearance in this Ed Banger Seven video), but as a producer he’s an absolute genious and he will certainly bring the best electro bangers of the moment.

Hudson Mohawke

I haven’t heard much stuff from this guy before I looked him up when he appeared in the Les Ardentes lineup, but after some classic youtube research I really started digging his productions. It’s hard to describe his “genre” it feels like a mixture of hip-hop background tunes, electronic stuff and dubstep? I’m looking forward to his performance and I bet it will the most unique and refreshing one.


Health is not your average alternative rock band. This L.A. based band brings very experimental stuff with the use of your typicall drum, guitar stuff and some amazing synths and electronic stuff. When looking at the video you immediately think “what a bunch of weirdos, especially the one in the front!”, but still the stuff they bring is very addictive? in some way. Curious who this will be live and what reactions we’ll see from the crowd.

Don Rimini

Was called one of the best djsets at Les Transardentes (the smaller one night version of Les Ardentes). His newest EP is coming 5 July, so I’m hoping for lots of new stuff. Not much more to add, he probably won’t disappoint!

Les Petits Pilous

Even though I’m not a huge fan of their latest EP these two guys still bring back some good old memories. In a small venue not far from where I live there was a party … with Les Petits Pilous. The “electronic scene” isn’t so big over here, so of course the turn up wasn’t that big. Still these guys went full on and the accompanying Born To Film crew even tried to Crowd surf (I think there were two rows of people in front of the stage …)

Sound of Stereo

These guys were absolutly everywere last year and are still killing it in 2010, even though I must say I’m not the biggest fan of their latest remix for Proxy. Even though I have already heard them plenty of times I’ll still swoop by even if it’s only for their “big-room banger” Metric, which will sound brilliantly in the big indoor halls.

Janelle Monae

A name from day two, but a nice fresh artist to describe at the end of this Les Ardentes guide. Janelle Monae isn’t a name that would normally pass the frontpage on this blog, but from what I’ve seen from youtube videos she brings an amazing live performance. She brings a mixture of soulfull hiphop and jazz.


Tonton Funk (Les Petits Pilous Remix)

The French duo Teenage Bad Girl is back. These guys were part of the whole French Touch (2.0) era. Who doesn’t know or remember tracks as ‘Cocotte’ and ‘Vacuum’, now still a big inspiration for all those starter electro producers out there. Tonton Funk is the first EP of their forthcoming second album due late 2010. This first EP is a perfect mixture of heavy beats and futuristic sounds.

The EP is set to release the 15th June including remixes by Les Petits Pilous, Franz & Shape and Toxic Avenger. Clearly back to the earlier electro roots, something I’m definitely cheering for.

Teenage Bad Girl – Tonton Funk (Les Petits Pilous Remix)



It’s been a while since we did a Track-Mania, but some good tracks/remixes appeared the last two days! For this Track-Mania I selected 4 tracks who are some what of the same “genre”, style. No over-the-top trash electro, fidget or house. No, just the good old electro sound (in my opinion).

First up a remix by Boys Noize from Sebastien Tellier’s “L’Amour Et La Violence”. Very easy listening, chill track, which is typical for Sebastien Tellier tracks and which Boys Noize didn’t change in the remix, but I can’t say I don’t like it!
Sebastien Tellier – L’Amour Et La Violence (Boys Noize remix)

Then from another artist from the Boys Noize stable, Les Petits Pilous. LPP remixed Heartsrevolution – Ultraviolence, a new artist from the Kitsuné label. We can expect their first album in 2009 with remixes from Vitalic, Spank Rock, etc…
Heartsrevolution – Ultraviolence (Les Petits Pilous)

Felix Cartal, been a while since I heard some new creations from him, but he just released this new remix. The remix is from Evil Nine a rock band from Brighton (UK) who just released their first album. It’s a good remix but I’m still bigger fan from his previous tracks as Vancouver, Parisienne, … .
Evil Nine – They Live! (Felix Cartal remix)

Then, to end this Track-Mania, Congorock‘s latest remix, atleast I think so? He really is spending a lot of his time in the studio (along with Bob Rifo?) it seems, because I’m getting a lot of remixes from him, but each is as good as I would expect!
Rex The Dog – Bubblicious (Congorock remix)