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Light Year gets above it.

One of the best releases of 2012 was without a doubt from Sydney based producer “Light Year“. The Moderation EP swept many people of their feets. Really looking forward to what he will bring in 2013 and to get everybody interested he’s sharing an interesting edit of “Tame Impala – Be Above It”. It comes over a bit rough at the beginning but it’s probably hard to find the right balance between a electronic rave track and alterantive rock music like this (I also think the mastering of the track could have been better, but I’m not an expert on that area). Extra bonus, a full length mixtape as well!

Tame Impala – Be Above It (LY’s ‘Get Above It’ 909 Edit)


Beatport shopping #1

Doing some regular “shopping” on Beatport and thought it would be usefull for some of you all to see which tracks I buy for my djsets and such. I’ll try giving regular updates of my future purchases!

So, that’s my list of tracks I bought last week. If you have some cool tracks to add which are similar to above, don’t hold back!


Light Year’s ’95 Acid at Midnight

I can’t get enough of Light Year and I can’t get enough of Acid, bring the two together and you got this next remix they did for Jaymo & Andy George! Not sure if there is more to add except Light Year should get that new EP on it’s way. Acid at Midnight, simple but effective.

Midnight (Light Year’s ’95 Acid at Midnight Remix)