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Time for some action!

It seems like ages since I last posted something. I’ve been rather busy to say the least, but everything is back on track like it should be and the future is looking very promising! Next post is nothing special, good tracks and just a way of showing: I’m back in the game!

Not much bangers being released lately (from the big names that is), but we still get some interesting tracks in our inbox now and then. I’m going to kick off with a track featuring Hypesquad, I do post a mixtape from these guys regularly. Lately they also have been focussing on producing stuff (heard some very promising previews already). They teamed up with the Bandwidth Hogs and brought forth this funky gypsy-like track which has a lot going from Riva Starr’s I Was Drunk.

Bandwidth Hogs & Hypesquad – Caravan Dance

Now I’m going to jump straight to some heavier stuff. It’s a fresh remix from Peo de Pitte, who apparently scored rather well with his remix for riverside. This next remix is from an old school track called “breathe” from French electronic trio Télépopmusik which won a Grammy Award for best dance track in 2004. Very heavy, almost sounding like some kind of machine going completely beserk, but the more relaxed vocal parts in-between are the ones that got me hooked.

Télépopmusik – Breathe (Peo De Pitte Remix)

The Bloody Beetroots are currently hitting venues all over the world with their live act: “Death Crew 77″. I myself didn’t get any tickets for their gig in Brussels, but they are hitting Rock Werchter 2010 so their I hope to experience the same sensation then Justice two years ago. Another artist who is hitting Rock Werchter this year AND always gives the best live performances out there is Vitalic. His latest album Flashmob is yet again amazing! Here is the Bloody Beetroots remix for Vitalic’s Second Lives of which we posted the videoclip (two posts down!)

Vitalic – Second Lives (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)



After EJECT! and Jack Herror posted the top 10 producers and tracks of 2009 I decided to tackle the third and final top 10 list: The Top 10 Biggest Hypes of 2009! There were a lot of hypes in 2009, some annoying, some hard to resist, some deserved, some not and so on. I’ll try explaining as good as possible why I picked these tracks/artists/genres as the biggest hypes of 2009, but I’m absolutely sure, the position and even the fact if they were a hype or not, are discussable. So, please don’t hold back in the comments!

#1. Warp (The Bloody Beetroots)

I think the reason for this first position is rather clear. Warp was probably the most played track at the general electro partys. Even though the most critical followers of the genre said it to be a cheap rip-off of Dominator by the Human Resources, everyone tagged along and happily screamed “WOOP WOOP” followed by chaotic “jumping around”. The “sample” wasn’t probably milked out enough so The Bloody Beetroots came with a successor Warp 1977, which is even filthier … but the same. (I’ll have to admit, in the end … I’m still not sick of it) My favourite version/remix still is:

The Bloody Beetroots ft Steve Aoki – Warp 1.9 (GTRONIC BadAssRMX)

#2. Pon De Floor (Major Lazer)

Now this is a hype, I am sick of listening too! Pon De Floor was probably the biggest “dance” hit this summer. And because there was a remix competition going on around Pon De Floor there was an endless flood of remixes aswel. Even now it still gets played. Last week at Soulwaxmas I heard it twice and still people go absolutely crazy on this one. I was hoping this hype would have ended before 2010?

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)

#3. Crookers

The Crookers scored very well in my opinion with their latest freebies “We Love Animals” ft Soulwax and Mixhell (even though I doubt the fact that the Crookers had a lot of input into that track) and “No Security” ft Kelis. Before those tracks the next track we remember is probably their Day N Nite remix. Even though it was a remix of 2008 the biggest hype came early 2009. The remix got his own videoclip and was played everywhere : radio, tv, partys around the corner,… . I remember that I even made a post about how sick I was about hearing the crookers everywhere. I posted the original version by Kid Cudi which still is f-ing good:

Kid Cudi – Day N Nite (Nightmare)

#4. Bonkers (Dizzee Rascal ft. Armand Van Helden)

Bo.. bo … bo bo bo BONKERS! Same story as with Pon De Floor actually. Massive summerhit and still a track even 2manydj’s throws in their djset (a personal edit of course). Actually I should have put Dizzee Rascal himself on place 4 instead of Bonkers, because he scored a lot of hits this year: Dance Wiv Me, Holiday, Dirty Cash. Dance Wiv Me and Holiday were btw both a cooperation with Calvin Harris who we’ll see later on in the top 10.

Dizzee Rascal – Bonkers (Doorly Remix)

#5. Riverside (Sidney Samson)


Sidney Samson – Riverside (Tc Remix) – Deleted on request

#6. La Roux

Probably the biggest fresh artist of this year. The first time we got in contact with La Roux was Quicksand on the Kitsuné Maison compilation (nr6 if I recall well). But it wasn’t until the Skream let’s get ravey remix of “In For The Kill” the bigger audience got to know La Roux. Massive, massive dub-step track with the breath taking vocal work by La Roux leadsingster Elly (Eleanor) Jackson. Bulletproof which was actually the second single (before In For The Kill) scored very well in the hitcharts.

La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream Lets Get Ravey Remix)

#7. Dubstep

Dubstep gained a lot of popularity in 2009. Mainly because of the remixes of the more commercial tracks. I then am thinking about remixes as: Bonkers (Doorly Remix), In For The Kill (Skream let’s get ravey Remix), Warrior’s Dance (Benga Remix) who even were on one of the latest compilations of Studio Brussel. It’s also since this year that we started posting dub-step mainly thanks to the addition of Jack Herror to the team.

Parker – Wheres My Monkey

#8. Miike Snow

My favourite hype of 2009: Miike Snow! Where the hell did he come from? I don’t know, but there he was with is song called Animal, a real feel good track. And soon the first remixes came, I think Animal had more then 7 remixes (Treasure Fingers, Crookers, Fake Blood, …), love it! Then another popular track was Black & Blue remixed by Tiga, Savage Skulls, Netsky … all banging remixes of which Savage Skulls remix is my personal favourite. For some of the other remixes I would like to refer to RCRDLBL who has a lot of them available for download.

Miike Snow – Black & Blue (Savage Skulls Remix)

#9. Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is someone who has been around longer then most people think, but with his latest album “Ready For The Weekend” he gained some serious popularity with the commercial crowds. Not Alone and Ready For The Weekend knew a big success in the hitcharts. He also was producer for artists as Dizzee Rascal and Kylie Minogue. I first wanted to post something of his older album “I Created Disco”, but because I bet some of you guys were missing the High Contrast Remix of Ready For The Weekend in The Hoax mixtape best DnB tracks of 2009:

Calvin Harris – Ready For The Weekend (High Contrast Remix)

#10. Dutch House / Dirty House

I’m not following the genre at the moment, but it was without a doubt a big year for the Dutchies. Afrojack scored more then once and his remix of another Dutch producer/dj Dj Chuckie with Moombah was a big hit this summer. Laidback Luke created a hype with his cooperation with Lee Mortimer “Blau” of which the release got delayed more then once. And there are still many more Dutch producers I should be naming here, like these guys:

Gramophonedzie – Why Don’t You (Bingo Players Remix)

And this was probably my biggest post ever … Feel free to discuss and even criticise this top 10 list. Oh, yeah, massive respect for you guys who read the whole thing! ♥


Top 10 TRACKS 2009 – EJECT

So here I am with my favourite tracks of the year 2009. I must say that it was a good year for belgian producers, many tracks were released and some artists got great contracts (e.g. Netsky). That’s why my top 10 is filled with belgian tracks, this is my way of saying thanks to them.

TOP 10

  1. The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1977 (feat. Steve Aoki and Bobberman) // Buy
  2. Boys Noize – Kontact Me // Buy
  3. Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer – Blau! // Buy
  4. Somebody’s Going Down Tonight – Duckkk (VNNR Remix) // Buy
  5. Modek – Omnivore
  6. Modek – Kamikaze // Buy
  7. Soda ‘n’ Suds – Fuck House (Kill Frenzy Headbanging Remix) // Buy
  8. Sound of Stereo – Zipper // Buy
  9. GTRONIC – Iron Man // Buy
  10. Mike Snow – Black & Blue (Netsky Remix) // Buy

Modek – Omnivore

Soda ‘n’ Suds – Fuck House (Kill Frenzy Headbanging Remix)

GTRONIC – Iron Man

Mike Snow – Black & Blue (Netsky Remix)