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Not much time, lots of school work and places to be! But so many good tracks were thrown at my head the last few days, so I’m just gonna place them all here.

A lot of good tracks again on (as always), the Laza Beam remix is a perfect party starter by the way!

Major Lazer – Jump Up (Laza Beam Remix)

N.A.S.A. – Whatchadoin (feat. MIA, Santigold Spankrock) (Evil Nine Mix)

VHS Or Beta – Feel It When You Know (LA Riots Remix)

Then some new stuff from Spreadthenoise who sent me some promo stuff from an artist called “Pink a Pads“. Farabutto has that House sound to it, while the remix of Il Moralista (by Doc Trashz) sounds like a hectic electro song (maybe even to hectic)!

Pink A Pads – Farabutto (Stream only)

Pink A Pads – Il moralista (Doc Trashz remix) (Stream only)

And to finish this post some tracks from two smaller Belgian producers, who would love some feedback on their tracks! The first remix is from Lektron, who did this one for the Anne Clark remix competition, unfortunately he didn’t win, but it’s still a banging electro tune.

Anne Clark – Our Darkness ( Lektron remix )

Modek – When Onions Burst ( Lektron Rave Remix )

The next one is something for our more open-minded people, it’s not a genre we post everyday (I’m not really sure what the genre is acually), but I think these tracks have potential!

Possé – Midnight Madness

Possé – The Dark Forest



First up a very popular track on the different good blogs out there. A remix for Burns newest single by the Canadian duo “Jokers Of The Scene” known from the Fools Gold label, who are currently hitting different places around Europe.
Burns – Turbo (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)

Then a remix by Shadow Dancer for Zombie Nation‘s Mystery Meat Affair, the track is featured on Zombielicious Remixes, an EP which features the best remixes of Zombie Nation’s latest album, Zombielicious. Absolutely love that album by the way.
Zombie Nation – Mystery Meat Affair (Shadow Dancer remix)

And already the last one for this post, Trumpdisco a duo from Australia (We sure are going international on you guys with this post!) with their newest track “1971″, strong noisy track with some nice ‘more peaceful’ interludes in it. Love, power and peace baby!
Trumpdisco – 1971



New Track-Mania, an opportunity to post the latest fidget bangers in the scene.
First of all, a new track from Crux da house’s Mom & Dad , don’t be fooled, it’s not from their latest EP. Just an unreleased remix of a classic Mark Anthony song (not sure) anyway, it’s pretty decent! Check it out.
On My Mind – Mom & Dad

Next up: another production of the virtuoso
ActionManVoodooChilliTheCountYoungLoversHervé (pick one) and his buddy Sinden. It’s a remix from the hitlist topper ‘Fascination’, you’d be living under a rock if you don’t know this one. Maybe a somewhat lesser quality remix than what we’re used to from this duo.
Fascination (The Count Of Monte Cristal And Sinden Remix) – Alphabeat

Foamo, known from his out tasty wobbly basslines and fidgety beats. He’s a 21yo lad from the UK and started producing at the age of 13! This time, he comes up with a remix from the already overhyped Mystery Jets (i’m not gonna take the effort to myspacelink em). Hear for yourself!
Half In Love With Elizabeth (Foamo Remix) – Mystery Jets

The ‘dynamic duo’ Stereoheroes (beware of the Batman samples! :D ) remixed the classic Mustard Pimp track: ‘Oh La La Satan’. Be sure to take a listen!
Oh la la Satan (Stereoheroes Remix) – Mustard Pimp

New track from the Headshotboyz (budapest!!! :o ), known from their Backstreet Boys remix :D
Detector – Headshotboyz
Bonus : Headshotboyz – “The Dolphins Will Never Die”

And for the grand finale: a few tracks without captions ( less blabla more bangbang)
New York, New York (Chew Fu Big Room Fix) – Frank Sinatra
Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix) – AC Slater
This Is Sick (Yeah! Woho! Remix) – Solid Groove

Kinobi out!



Hmmm, it’s time to get me posting again. The first week of school absorbed quite a lot of time which kept me from blogging. But I’m about to make it up to all our thrusty visitors, so I present a new Track-Mania with some hyped up tracks. For this Track-Mania I actually focused on the just released CD from Dr. Lektroluv , Live at pukkelpop 2008. Because this still isn’t a warez forum/blog or whatever I selected some tracks from the set, instead of posting the ripped CD. Here are some of my favourites of Lektroluv’s newest set.

Lektroluv’s set starts of rather “hard” but that’s what we like and what we maybe didn’t expect from the docter himself. A lot of new tracks for me and very fidget? sounding, if you’d ask me. So first of, one of my favourite tracks on the set.
Machines Don’t Care – Beat Bang

Then of to another fidget like track by one of my favourite producers of the moment, The Count of Monte Cristal aka Hervé. Very addictive sound with some nice vocal/slower samles to keep it a alive.
The Count of Monte Cristal – My Condition (Original Mix)

Of to an artist I never heard of before, but isn’t sounding bad at all. It fits right in to the typical style and track choice we expect from Dr. Lektroluv.
Hatiras And Jelo – Donkey Punch (Original Mix)

Now back to a more familiar artist, Isi. … What, doesn’t ring any bells ? Well he’s only the second half of Digitalism. A great remix by this guy from Hey Today! a duo from Germany, who are also on the Kitsuné label on which this remix was released.
Hey Today! – Walk Through (ISI-talism remix)

And last, but not least, The Subs. Probably the most succesfull belgium artist at the moment. With a lot of live performances on the last summer festivals. The track, Papillon, has been out for a rather long time now, but I still thought it was worth posting and so, maybe some visitors from other country’s could have a go with it!
The Subs – Papillon

So that’s about for this one, Keep an eye on the blog again. Because I have some more stuff lined-up for the next days including some new talent.